Revolutionize Your Learning & Development with AI - Download our free ebook

Revolutionize Your Learning & Development with AI – Download our free ebook

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead of the curve is essential. The latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and extended reality (XR) are redefining how organizations approach learning and development (L&D). To help you navigate these transformative technologies, VPS Learning has partnered with Brandon Hall Group™ to bring you an insightful eBook: “Building Compelling Use Cases for Emerging Learning Technologies.”

Unlock the Potential of AI and XR in L&D

The eBook delves into how AI and XR can significantly enhance L&D initiatives. As businesses strive to upskill and reskill their workforce to remain competitive, understanding these technologies’ capabilities and limitations becomes crucial. The key is developing a “platform vision”—a functional understanding of what AI and XR can achieve and how they can be integrated effectively into your L&D strategy.

Insights from Industry Experts

Featuring insights from Bob Szostak, Director of Customer Solutions at VPS, and Nicole Fairchild, VP of Enterprise Training at Entergy, the eBook offers practical guidance on:

Personalized Learning Journeys: AI’s ability to tailor learning experiences to individual needs and preferences.

Real-Time Performance Support: Utilizing AI for instant, context-sensitive support.

Up-to-Date Learning Content: Ensuring your training materials remain relevant and current.

Szostak and Fairchild emphasize that AI is not about replacing human instructors but enhancing their effectiveness. By automating routine administrative tasks, AI allows L&D professionals to focus on strategic initiatives that drive business success.

Practical Use Cases and Best Practices

One of the eBook’s highlights is its practical approach to building AI use cases. It underscores the importance of conducting thorough needs analyses, starting with the desired business outcomes and working backward to determine the most effective training methods. The Brandon Hall Group™ Learning-Performance Convergence Model is showcased as a valuable tool for this purpose.

Balancing Benefits and Risks

The eBook also addresses the critical need to balance AI’s benefits with potential risks. Establishing a robust governance framework is essential to ensure ethical, responsible, and effective AI implementation in L&D. This involves setting clear policies, guidelines, and oversight mechanisms to manage AI usage.

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Building Compelling Use Cases for Emerging Learning Technologies” is a must-read for L&D professionals eager to harness AI and XR’s transformative power. By leveraging the insights and best practices shared in this eBook, you can confidently lead your organization into the future of learning and development.

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Stay ahead of the curve and transform your L&D strategy with the power of AI and XR. Download this eBook today and start building compelling use cases for emerging learning technologies!