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Step into a world where learning meets innovation. Empower your organisation’s Learning Leaders to navigate change with confidence. Our comprehensive range of learning services ensures your teams are equipped with the necessary skills to adapt and evolve in today’s dynamic landscape. From cutting-edge solutions to immersive virtual classrooms, we deliver end-to-end solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

With a proven track record of success, our team of experts combines deep industry knowledge with industry-leading instructional systems design and emerging technology expertise to bring forward the best operational models. Partner with us to unlock growth and drive success in your organisation.

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Learning Strategy

Discover the power of VPS’s Learning Strategy team, fuelling organisational and workforce transformation with unrivalled thought leadership and deep learning expertise. Our collaborative and engaging approaches pave the way for impactful change, propelling your organisation forward. Unlock the full potential of your workforce and unleash a new era of growth and success with our learning services. The “VPS Way” may be summarised under the three pillars of Consult, Engage, and Deliver, and ensure that you get the right outcomes appropriate to your learning journey. Learn more about our innovative Learning Strategy solutions and seize the competitive advantage that VPS offers.

Curriculum & Content Development

Our team of experts excels in curriculum and content development. We work with you to determine the specific needs of individuals in your organisation. This allows us to combine strategic workforce planning with contemporary learning design as the critical first step in ensuring that all training needs are identified, defined, planned, and delivered in a timely and affordable manner.

Partnering with VPS means you’ll receive tailored and aligned training solutions to meet the learner’s requirements at the point of need whilst also enhancing business performance. Experience sophisticated and engaging approaches that drive impactful results through meaningful and memorable learning experiences. Explore how VPS can elevate your learning initiatives by learning more today.

Learning Technology

With our tried and tested solutions, you can enhance business performance, boost productivity, and optimise content within your learning ecosystem. Experience the seamless integration and unrivalled support provided by our Learning Management System (LMS) platforms. Join us on this journey towards innovation and empowerment. Explore more about the unique benefits that VPS can bring to your organisation today.

Training Administration

We recognize the critical role that learning administration services play in the success of your training program. It’s not just about smooth operations, but also about delivering exceptional results. With our comprehensive and seamless end-to-end learning administration solutions, we are committed to providing learners and stakeholders with an exceptional experience that is effortless and efficient. Take your training program to new heights by learning more about our Training Administration services today.

Training Delivery

The success of any training course hinges on the skills and expertise of the instructors, making them an indispensable component. That is why at VPS, our Program Delivery team maintains a highly qualified pool of full-time contract instructors certified to teach course content. Instructors are selected based upon their experience in the appropriate delivery media and are qualified based on previous experience, industry certifications, and collaboration with subject matter experts to ensure learning content is delivered effectively. Learn more about our transformative Training Delivery solutions today.

Managed Learning Services

Eager to boost your team’s potential, manage fluctuating demand, and reduce training costs? VPS is your solution. As your trusted partner, we offer a comprehensive suite of Managed Learning Services tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. We have a proven track record of delivering comprehensive, end-to-end MLS programs, driving innovation, and enhancing learning teams’ value. Plus, our performance reporting empowers you to make strategic business decisions and improve your learning organisation’s processes. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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Vocational Learning

At VPS, we take pride in our extensive experience in creating, managing, and delivering award-winning vocational training programmes tailored for both companies and government entities. Our commitment goes beyond conventional training – we provide holistic support encompassing pastoral care, career guidance, and workshops, as well as invaluable work experience opportunities.

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VPS Success Stories

We’ve worked with VPS since 2007. As a partner, they have consistently provided support that is quick, helpful and personal. The relationships that VPS has forged with our internal teams have resulted in their ability to provide maximum impact across our enterprise.


VPS’ actions to provide a safe training environment helps us to maintain the skills needed to operate safely and efficiently as we continue to provide essential services for our customers.


This outsourcing contract has made vast improvements in (our) existing learning processes, as well as bolted on significant new capabilities (through the establishment of a call centre) and the tracking of problematic issues.


VPS has not only met their responsibilities but have provided valuable insight as well. Their experience and drive have been welcomed and a key to our current and future successes.


Our partnership with Vertex Professional Services has been very productive. In the short time since the inception of this programme, we have accomplished many formidable tasks.


VPS were able to demonstrate the tools, processes and philosophy they would apply to the task, and draw upon hard evidence of their previous success delivering a similar programme in the automotive industry. This, together with the high-quality people that consistently fronted up on their behalf, produced a compelling picture of an organisation that had the skills, experience and ethos required to deliver such a complex and important change programme. The Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) experience with VPS since down selection continues to support this decision.

Government & Military

VPS is known for their brand reputation that was built on operational excellence and the relationships they establish with customers.

Government & Military

This (customer) programme should be studied by every learning executive. The programme is incredibly ambitious and touches one of the most business-critical elements in the (customers’) business model. Its success is a testimony to the value of carefully honed best practices for programme analysis, design, implementation, and management.

Government & Military

VPS does not see itself as a typical learning services organisation. Instead, it sees itself in a privileged situation where it can leverage very sophisticated tech tools‚ that can go beyond what would be expected solutions for clients.

Government & Military

This (VPS & NATO) is a key milestone in the new NATO training landscape‚ supporting the goal of delivering the right training to the right people at the right time, allowing individuals arriving at a NATO post to possess the skills and competencies necessary to perform their assigned duties.

Government & Military

(VPS’) process-based methodology and technical design experience were integral to the delivery of (our) learning requirements. These processes enabled the capture and reporting of key metrics that enabled (our organisation) to focus on performance improvement with their internal clients.

Energy & Utilities

(VPS) delivered early wins for a team that was challenged to rapidly deploy practical learning solutions‚ successfully designed and implemented a course conversion strategy as well as provided critical learning technology solution design.

Energy & Utilities

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  • Industry Expertise: With 30+ years of experience across various domains and sectors, we tailor solutions using best industry practices to meet your specific needs.
  • Active Listening: We go beyond surface-level understanding to ask second and third-order questions, ensuring alignment between your ‘ask’ and our ‘solution’.
  • Successful Service Transitions: Whether on a large or small scale, we have managed numerous successful service transitions, adapting to changes with agility and efficiency.
  • Consult, Engage, Deliver: Our approach is simple but effective. We consult to understand, engage to build relationships, and deliver to exceed expectations.
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