Training Administration

Sculpting Success in Training Administration

Delivering efficiency, adaptability, and trusted solutions for a seamless, high-impact training experience.

At VPS, we believe in building solid foundations for your training programs. We understand that effective training management services are crucial, not only to the seamless operation of your training initiatives, but also to achieving the outcomes you desire.

We utilise the power of our Workflow Management System (WMS) to manage all aspects of Training Administration. The WMS toolset enables our teams to connect people and streamline processes across multiple locations. Enjoy the benefits of consistent workflows, increased productivity, enhanced transparency, and efficient day-to-day activities for both learners and learning partners. Our tools are equipped with robust workflow, support management, reporting, and automation capabilities, easily customizable to align with your policies and procedures.

Our end-to-end solutions are designed to provide learners and stakeholders with a high-quality, effortless experience. By focusing on boosting efficiency and curbing costs, we ensure that our trusted services deliver the performance impact that our global customers require.

Setting the standards in our approach to training administration and delivery management is what sets us apart as a leader in the field. We’ve designed a scalable model that adapts to your current needs and volumes, providing a flexible solution that evolves with you. This allows us to swiftly adjust to changes, ensuring that your training programs never miss a beat.

With VPS, you gain a partner whose business model is built around your needs both known and unknown. We accommodate for uncertainties, providing you with transparency and budget certainty. Experience the value of partnering with VPS – where your training success is our priority.

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Learner Engagement

Through our cutting-edge toolset and team of skilled professionals, we can effectively engage with your learners, delivering your brand messages with unmatched consistency. Our meticulously crafted communication strategies, encompassing community management, marketing communications, interactive teasers, and outbound campaigns not only ensure compliance but also enhance training utilisation. By fully harnessing the communication potential of your Learning Management System (LMS), we create meaningful engagements at every point of contact.

Learner Care

VPS offers exceptional support to your learners around the clock. With full-service inbound and outbound centres available in over 28 languages, we ensure that learners receive the assistance they need, precisely when and where they need it. Our dedicated team is committed to providing unparalleled support, helping your learners achieve their goals with ease and efficiency. 

Event Planning & Logistics

Our customizable services are tailored to fit seamlessly into any event, ensuring flawless execution from start to finish. With our state-of-the-art Workflow Management System (WMS), logistics management becomes a breeze, automating everything from vendor management to service delivery. Say goodbye to resource scheduling headaches, as our system effortlessly handles instructor schedules, room allocations, and equipment management. Streamline communication with external resources through automated email notifications, allowing them to confirm availability with just one click. In the rare event that a resource is unavailable, our system swiftly assigns a suitable alternative. Once the logistics plan is confirmed, events are seamlessly scheduled in our world-class Learning Management System (LMS).

Financial Management

At VPS, we excel in providing all-inclusive financial management solutions to elevate your business. Our dedicated team efficiently manages costs, budgets, and transactions, ensuring seamless operations through our WMS approval process. With our advanced financial reporting capabilities, you gain valuable insights into key metrics like planned costs and spending against budget, empowering you to make informed decisions. Enhancing your experience, our integrated modules for invoice, billing, and payment processing complete the package, offering a holistic solution.

Data Analytics and Reporting

At VPS, we specialise in data analytics and reporting, utilising our expertise in handling large datasets. Our goal is simple: to provide you with valuable insights and create strategic reports that give your business a competitive edge. By transforming your data into easy-to-use formats, we ensure you have access to consistent and high-quality reporting, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that drive performance and growth.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

We pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider; we are a trusted and dedicated partner. Our team is committed to understanding your unique business needs, the learning solutions which could help resolve them, and crafting solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Industry Expertise: With 30+ years of experience across various domains and sectors, we tailor solutions using best industry practices to meet your specific needs.
  • Active Listening: We go beyond surface-level understanding to ask second and third-order questions, ensuring alignment between your ‘ask’ and our ‘solution’.
  • Successful Service Transitions: Whether on a large or small scale, we have managed numerous successful service transitions, adapting to changes with agility and efficiency.
  • Consult, Engage, Deliver: Our approach is simple but effective. We consult to understand, engage to build relationships, and deliver to exceed expectations.
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