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We’re not just a service provider; we’re your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic world of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is more than just adopting the latest tech. It’s about creating a well-thought-out plan that delivers lasting financial and operational benefits. At VPS, we understand this better than anyone. As a leading provider of managed learning and IT services, we use advanced tech tools, backed by our award-winning digital learning content and virtual learning solutions. Our mission? To enable individuals to succeed through the provision of learning that is people focused, drives performance and positively impacts your business.

With VPS, our proven expertise in enabling customers to successfully navigate digital transformation while enhancing the learning experience is unmatched. We boost business performance and productivity, tailor content for various learning ecosystems, and are strategic partners for the provision of Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Totara, Cornerstone, and more.

Our training technology experts use a blended learning approach, combining traditional and digital methods. This way, we ensure your online training is always up to date, meeting the changing needs of your organization. All of this is supported by our digital learning content and innovative virtual learning solutions like Live 360.

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Managed IT Services

As your trusted end-to-end learning organization, we offer an extensive suite of services designed to optimize your learning ecosystem. We seamlessly integrate training recommendations and learning solutions tailored to your needs. Our expertise spans across the industry’s top LMS and LCMS platforms, including Totara, Success Factors, and Cornerstone. By partnering with VPS, you can unlock the full potential of your technology investments and achieve a remarkable ROI.

Experience the power of our Workflow Management Toolset (WMT), designed to connect people and streamline processes across multiple locations. Enjoy the benefits of consistent workflows, increased productivity, enhanced transparency, and efficient day-to-day activities for both learners and learning partners. Our tools are equipped with robust workflow, support management, reporting, and automation capabilities, easily customizable to align with your policies and procedures.

  • LMS, LCMS, Infrastructure Assessment, Management, Integration, & Optimisation
  • xAPI, LRS, MS Power BI & Data Analytics
  • Virtual Classroom Training (VCT 360)
  • Video-on-Demand
  • Mobile Learning

Simulation, AR, VR, & Gamification

Discover the transformative power of simulation-based training with VPS. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AR and VR, we eliminate the costly ramifications of employee errors, mitigating organizational risk. Our tech-enabled training programs, driven by industry expertise and best practices, unleash the potential in every individual, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in knowledge-based roles.

With real-time feedback provided by Virtual Reality (VR), learners can enhance their soft skills and achieve new levels of success. Augmented Reality (AR) brings hands-on learning to life, empowering individuals to master hard skills through immersive experiences. And with gamification, we take learning engagement to new heights, infusing competitive game-based elements for an unforgettable educational journey.

AI & Machine Learning

Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology optimizes your learning operations, freeing up valuable resources for more critical tasks. By automating processes and keeping humans in the loop for validation and value-added tasks, we create a sustainable competitive advantage. The potential for innovation and development seems infinite with AI, and is transforming the future of business.

Explore the world of machine learning, a subfield of AI that equips computers with the ability to learn effortlessly. At VPS, our proprietary methodologies like Architect™ harness the potential of machine learning, enabling us to deliver unparalleled results. Embark on a journey with VPS and unlock new possibilities for your business. Learn more about our transformative solutions and how we can help you thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Learning Technology Consulting

With a range of comprehensive services, including systems assessment, implementation, integration, and management, we provide the expertise to optimize your existing platform or tailor a solution specifically for your needs. Our cutting-edge hardware and software solutions ensure the seamless delivery of instructional content, backed by robust assessment and management tools. Let our experts design a technology roadmap that empowers your organization to achieve both its learning and business objectives. Explore the limitless potential of working with VPS and revolutionize the way you approach learning technology.

VPS Success Stories

What a great way to use this technology. Thanks for all the hard work VPS team!!

Learning Technology

VPS’ systems engineering background and commitment to leverage emerging learning technology enablers, position VPS well to meet future client requirements.

Learning Technology

VPS integrates technology into learning solutions in smart and innovative ways. Technology facilitates the end solution instead of dictating the design.

Learning Technology

VPS has set up a platform for our organisation for the management of training in our network in France. After a pilot phase of a few months, improvements were proposed via a digital tool, allowing processes and costs to be optimised.

Learning Technology

VPS does not see itself as a typical learning services organisation. Instead, it sees itself in a privileged situation where it can leverage very sophisticated tech/tools (part of their DNA). These tech/tools can go beyond what would be expected from a learning services provider to design and develop bespoked performance solutions for clients.

Learning Technology

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We pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider; we are a trusted and dedicated partner. Our team is committed to understanding your unique business needs, the learning solutions which could help resolve them, and crafting solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Industry Expertise: With 30+ years of experience across various domains and sectors, we tailor solutions using best industry practices to meet your specific needs.
  • Active Listening: We go beyond surface-level understanding to ask second and third-order questions, ensuring alignment between your ‘ask’ and our ‘solution’.
  • Successful Service Transitions: Whether on a large or small scale, we have managed numerous successful service transitions, adapting to changes with agility and efficiency.
  • Consult, Engage, Deliver: Our approach is simple but effective. We consult to understand, engage to build relationships, and deliver to exceed expectations.
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