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Making training accessible through flexible delivery

Our tailored approach ensures that the right training is accessible, adaptable, and effectively delivered to cater to diverse learning preferences. By leveraging a unique blend of formal and informal training methods, we expedite the path to proficiency, reducing the usual time required. Discover how our expertly crafted training solutions can empower your workforce and drive exceptional results.

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Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Some skills are best sharpened through hands-on, human guidance. Our network of experienced facilitators provides immersive Instructor-Led Training (ILT) focused on the learning objectives that will benefit most from in-person mentoring. Instructors are  selected for their subject matter expertise, competency in the required delivery modalities, and their ability to ensure that learning offered is relevant to the roles of each individual learner.

Web-Based Training (WBT)

Our engaging and interactive web-based training (WBT) courses can be accessed 24/7 and completed at a pace that matches learners’ availability. Self-directed eLearning is the perfect fit in today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Plus, we can adapt our web-based training into bite-sized microlearning modules. This provides learners with the precise knowledge and skills they need at the exact moment they need them.

Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)

Our VCT combines the benefits of live instruction with the convenience of online learning. Learners receive personalized coaching from experienced, certified trainers using interactive tools and engaging presentations, all without leaving their home or office. This virtual training method minimizes facilities and travel costs while providing the flexibility of self-paced web courses.

Live 360 Virtual Training

We’ve taken our VCT solution to the next level with Live 360 Training, seamlessly integrating the benefits of classroom and online learning. Live 360 boosts training outcomes through multi-modal interaction, cascading content to larger audiences faster than in-person events allow. This blended virtual approach enhances the learning experience while effectively building employees’ knowledge, abilities and self-assurance.

Mobile Learning

Our Mobile Learning solution delivers on-demand access to training content when and where it’s needed most. By safeguarding proprietary information throughout the development and distribution process, we ensure your organization’s sensitive materials remain fully protected across our mobile platform. This targeted, just-in-time approach empowers learners with immediate support right at their fingertips.

VPS Success Stories

“Good Timing, no overload, extremely interesting!”

Training Delivery

“It’s great that we can watch the recording of the VCT later rather than take notes.”

Training Delivery

“We entrusted VPS with the European sales launch training of our first three electric vehicles. Their expertly supported us in the development of an innovative pedagogical concept, providing the highly flexible and proactive project management support we required for the successful implementation of such a large-scale project.”

Training Delivery

“Really professional production and great presentation!”

Training Delivery

“This is the first virtual training we have attended. We can’t recommend it enough.”

Training Delivery

Are You Ready To Get Started?

We pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider; we are a trusted and dedicated partner. Our team is committed to understanding your unique business needs, the learning solutions which could help resolve them, and crafting solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Industry Expertise: With 30+ years of experience across various domains and sectors, we tailor solutions using best industry practices to meet your specific needs.
  • Active Listening: We go beyond surface-level understanding to ask second and third-order questions, ensuring alignment between your ‘ask’ and our ‘solution’.
  • Successful Service Transitions: Whether on a large or small scale, we have managed numerous successful service transitions, adapting to changes with agility and efficiency.
  • Consult, Engage, Deliver: Our approach is simple but effective. We consult to understand, engage to build relationships, and deliver to exceed expectations.
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