5 Types of Learning Styles

How learning styles shape our comprehension, retention, and overall academic success

We all learn in unique ways

Understanding individual learning styles can unlock the full potential of any educational pursuit. Whether your training requirements need to stay classroom focussed, or taking a more interactive, virtual approach to learning would work better, there is a training option that suits your business.

In this article, we explore the various learning experiences we offer at VPS and how they shape our comprehension, retention, and overall business success.

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) focuses on the learning elements that will benefit most from direct, personal mentoring and instruction.

This in-person, in-office training is traditionally designed to meet the needs and training objectives that benefit from face-to-face interaction. ILT is the primary form of training for most organisations.

Instructor-Led Training is a training approach where an instructor guides a session for individuals or groups, fostering valuable discussions and peer learning. ILT, like other training experiences, has its advantages and disadvantages that make it suitable for certain programs and not as suitable for others.

ILT’s benefits include the opportunity for interactive discussions, personalised guidance, and the ability to learn from fellow participants. It promotes collaboration, engagement, and the sharing of diverse perspectives.

At VPS, we offer ILTs for significant events like product launches, train the trainer sessions, professional assessments, and new employee onboarding.

Web-Based Training

At VPS, we excel in crafting engaging and interactive Web-Based Training (WBT) content that takes the learning experience to new heights. Our courses utilise cutting-edge elements like gamification, captivating visuals, 3D models, interactive quizzes, and achievement badges, making learning both enjoyable and effective.

Web-Based Training, also known as e-learning or online learning, revolutionises employee development by taking place over the internet. With WBT, your employees can access training and explore new concepts anytime, anywhere, breaking the barriers of physical classrooms.

The advantages of Web-Based Training are numerous. Firstly, its flexibility aligns perfectly with individual schedules, making it a convenient and accessible option for training programs. Whether it’s an employee on the go or someone working remotely, WBT ensures learning opportunities are available to all.

Secondly, our learning journeys encourage self-paced learning, allowing employees to progress at their own speed. WBTs are also well-suited for microlearning modules, ideal for modern learning styles influenced by social media. The autonomy offered by WBTs not only enhances the learning experience but also promotes a deeper understanding of the subject matter while delivering significant cost savings compared to instructor-led options.

At VPS, we recommend web-based training (WBT) due to its cost-effectiveness, consistent content delivery, and performance tracking features as an attractive standalone option for budget-conscious organisations. For hands-on or complex training, WBTs can be part of a blended learning approach, complementing other learning experiences to meet specific requirements effectively.

Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) has become vital for organisations navigating hybrid work environments, delivering effective business transformation and learning strategies. VCT offers a highly interactive experience, breaking down geographical barriers and limitations of traditional classroom training.

Key benefits of VCT include alignment with organisational goals, infrastructure, and culture, ensuring consistent learning experiences. It customises learning to address specific considerations like culture, geography, and budget, adapting to evolving needs. VCT provides cost-effective, two-way classroom learning accessible anytime, anywhere, optimising results.

Options for VCT include classic format with one instructor and up to 20 participants, offering interactive features like application sharing and breakout rooms. “Interview” VCT presents content in a fresh style with one presenter and one guest, while Live 360 VCT enables HD video streaming with multiple presenters for real-time communication and agile environment changes.

To ensure a seamless experience, VCT can integrate with the organisation’s learning management systems, supporting self-service, real-time scheduling, and tracking.

VPS, the VCT provider, collaborates closely with customers to develop and deliver training, preparing trainers and users for comfortable use of technology and materials.

Overall, Virtual Classroom Training empowers organisations to enhance learning initiatives, boost engagement, productivity, and decision-making while efficiently managing training investments.

Live 360 Virtual Training

Introducing Live 360 VCT, an immersive and high-definition video streaming experience tailored for groups of 25 to 40 participants. Engage with instructors and peers seamlessly through interactive chat, allowing real-time communication and learning. Our agile setup enables effortless switching between a full presentation and a studio screen, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. But that’s not all! Take advantage of the optional recording and post-production feature, ensuring your valuable content can be revisited and reused whenever needed.

With Live 360 VCT – Walk-around, the possibilities are even more exciting. Delve into HD video streaming with one or more presenters, offering the same participant capacity and the chance to communicate with instructors, VCT operators, and subject matter experts through the chat interface. Witness the magic of smart room changes, utilising green screen studios for theory presentations and dedicated demonstration areas for practical sessions. Capture the whole experience with our recording and post-production option, guaranteeing a lasting impact for product training, walk-around sessions, follow-up training, TTMT sessions, interviews, and captivating presentations.

Empower your learning journey with Live 360 VCT and revolutionise the way you acquire knowledge. Elevate your training sessions, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression with our cutting-edge virtual classroom solutions.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning lets trainees get the training they need right when they need it. No more waiting around – the information is available instantly at their fingertips right on their smartphone or tablet.

Like Virtual Classroom Training, Mobile Learning allows your employees to train whenever it fits their schedule best. An added benefit is that they can learn on the go, without having to attend virtual classrooms… they could even study on their commute to work.

Mobile Learning offers flexibility and accessibility, is cost effective, and has great opportunity to create user-friendly, easy to follow learning paths.

At VPS, we offer mobile learning as a gamified solution to learn new things, making the learning experience engaging and interactive. The gamified elements add an extra layer of motivation, as learners can earn rewards, achievements, and compete with their peers to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Conclusion: There are so many different ways to deliver training and there is something that will work for every type of learner.

We offer flexibility and choice of learning systems to suit your training needs. From consulting with your business to working seamlessly with you every step of the way, VPS is your partner in training, learning, and development.

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