How VPS Streamlined Systems Training for a Custom S/4HANA Implementation

The successful launch of an enterprise system requires a team that can manage multiple activities, including business process mapping, data migrations, system integration, customization, and configuration. As implementers are focused on these critical IT requirements, user training is often overlooked or left to the last minute.

The result is a training approach that includes generic content, is labor intensive to deploy, and does not bring a sustainable or scalable solution.

This was the situation a large Aerospace/Defense company faced before they brought in the learning professionals from VPS. Our experts developed a solution to rapidly train employees to successfully operate a custom S/4Hana enterprise-wide system.

The VPS learning solution designed, developed, and deployed over 200 e-learning courses and job aids. Developed in 90 days, the custom learning content and performance support materials are modularized to rapidly build the knowledge and skills of employees using the S/4HANA system in their daily operations. VPS’s learning design features:

  • Learning designed to align and integrate the organization’s specific business processes and custom SAP workstreams
  • Content modules assigned to learners’ specific job responsibilities
  • Learning created to operate within the company’s existing learning systems – avoiding the need for additional software licensing
  • Self-paced microlearning featuring interactive simulations designed to provide learners with “real-life” exposure to the configured system
  • Use of job aids for critical operations for support while using the application on the job


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